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CHAIR "FINANCE FOR INNOVATION" NL #2 - Research in progress

30 April 2019
A systematic Literature Review on the Social Impact Bonds-Literature

In this work, that is part of our PhD research, we undertake a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) on the Social Impact Bonds-literature. The review aims to answer the following questions: What do we know about SIBs? How is the intellectual field of production along SIBs structured? What concepts are mostly mobilized?

Our analysis has the aim to critically organize the intellectual production about this new mechanism for the delivery of social services. Indeed, since 2010, we can observe a growth in salience on the subject of SIBs by public actors, by a wider range of private actors and academics. The opinion is divided by both enthusiasm and caution around the potential impacts permitted by SIBs. About this different interpretation of what is a SIB, we will reconstruct the controversies that divide practitioners and academics interested on this instrument. Furthermore, our research will permit us to understand the evolution of approach and methods utilised by academics to study this subject. Some first results suggest that after a more theoretical approach to the SIBs, a growing range of publications try to study the SIBs with more empirical methodologies. Nevertheless, we can already highlight a lack of research that approach the effects of the SIBs on the social fields and the beneficiaries of social services.

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